Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How to Install JDM (java Device Manager) in Windows 8 or 10

JDM or DM is required to configure a Network Core switch, using graphical mode. You may face technical glitches (like no windows open up on clicking the installer or after installation you wont find the programme ) while installing JDM into windows 8 or 10. Here is step by step explanation of JDM installation.

How to Install JDM (java Device Manager) in Windows 8 or 10
         1.       Download JDM from Avaya website.
         2.       Run the jdm_6214.exe or jdm_xxxx.exe.

             3.       It starts InstallAnywhere window.

              4.       This installer will run till 100%, which says preparing to install. Possibly this is an extractor.
              5.       Once it is over, no installer window opens. Nothing happens.
              6.       So, this is the problem.
              7.       To see the installer go to C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Temp.
              8.       Search the folder of latest date and time. I found it with a series  I1529132xxx.

              9.       Copy this folder to your desktop.
             10.   Open this folder and again open Windows folder inside it. You will see an installer.exe file                  there.

            11.   Run the installer asap, as your antivirus might delete some supporting file of it. Then it might               through an error “LaunchAnywhere Error” which says The LaunchAnywhere properties file               is missing.

            12.   In windows 10 the installer will run smoothly but there is compatibility issue with windows                 8. In win8 it will through an error named “Installer UI Mode Error”, which says Installer                     User Interface Mode Not supported.
            13.   To solve this open command prompt, and run the command install.exe –I GUI. This will                       open    the installer in windows 8.

               14.   This will run the Java Device Manager Installer.

               15.   See, the path of installation and you may run the jdm once it is installed.
   In my case it is under C:\Users\\jdm

Make a LAN IP, policy free in FortiGate 100E Firewall

Steps to make a Static LAN IP, exempted from any kind of policies in FortiGate Firewall; following steps are required:-

1. Login to firewall and goto Policy and Objects > Addresses menu.

2. Now Create a new Address. Not Address Group.

3. Fill the name Field in my case it is LINAC_Server; a server for  linear accelerator.
4Type is IP/Netmask. In Subnet/ IP Range add your static LAN ip. Then keep the Interface Any 
5. Keep the rest of the options at default level and press OK.

6. Now create a new IPv4 policy. For this goto Policy and Objects > IPv4 Policy. Then press                Create New button on the same page. 
7. Write any name in name field. In in coming interface field select internal interface (in my case it is       lan).
8. In outgoing interface select your WAN connection. Here it is NKN(Wan1).
9. Now in source field, select the newly created Address, in above steps. i.e. LINAC_Server.
10. Now keeping rest of the fields on default mode press ok.

11. Now, you can see your newly created policy.

12. Just drag and drop this policy at the top of others and you are done. You may open all blocked            websites in your firewall; using this IP.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Invalid Object Name Error in MS Sql Server 2012

Recently when I was working with SQL Server 2012, I had created a very simple stored procedure query to INSERT data onto my table.

See the example:  

I am inserting row in table Mixed_Jewellery_Detail, but this was popping up me the following error of Invalid object name , see the image:  

So the reason was because my database had two schemas , one is default (dbo) and another was my own (user defined like jewellery here) see the image of schemas:

As my target table had the user defined schema so as the Stored Procedure was demanding the same.

If you are writing a table name in STP like this: Mixed_Jewellery_Detail , it will be assigned a default schema automatically like dbo.Mixed_Jewellery_Detail.

so I changed it to jewellery.Mixed_Jewellery_Detail , .............and hurrey !!!!
It worked guys !!! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

One dimentional pre-consolidation settlement, under compacted fill [CSVTU 8th sem Civil, unit-3 Geotech]

/* determination of one dimentional pre-consolidation
settlement, under compacted fill

void main()
//H = thikness of soil
//Pi= initial overburden pressure
//Pp = preconsolidation pressure
//Ip= increase in pressure
//Cs= swelling Index
//Cc = Compression Index
//e = Void Ratio
//Pf= Pre- Consolidation Settlement
float H, Pi, Pp, Ip, Pf;
float Cs, Cc, e;
float p;
cout<<"Entre thikness of soil (metre):";
cout<<"\nEntre initial overburden pressure, pre-consolidation pressure and increase in pressure (KN/sqm): \n ";
cout<<"\nEntre Swelling index, Compression Index and Void Ratio:\n";

p= Pi + Ip;

//Calculation of Pre- Consolidation Settlement
if(Pi > Pp)
Pf= ((Cs * H * log10(p/Pi))/(1+e));
Pf= ((Cs * H * log10(Pp/Pi))/(1+e)) + ((Cc * H * log10(p/Pp))/(1+e));

cout<<"Pre-Consolidation settlement is="< getch();

Program for Determination of Effective stress/ Pressure at given depth [CSVTU 8th sem Civil, unit-3 Geotech]

/*Determination of Effective stress/ Pressure at given depth */
#define size 30

float thik[size];//Thikness/ height of layers
float gama[size]; //Unit Weight
float dep, pizoHeigh=10, sur=20;//depth, pizometric height, surcharge
//totatl stress, effective stress, total height, total height2
float tot_stress=0, eff_stress, pore_prss, tot_height=0, tot_height2=0;
void main()
int num;
cout<<"Entre the Number of Layers:";
cout<<"Entre the Depth at Which the effective pressure is to be found:";
//input lyer height n unit weight
for(int i=1; i<=num; i++)
cout<<"\nEntre the Height of Layer(m)"< cin>>thik[i];
cout<<"\nEntre unit weight(KN/m^3):";
//Calculate total Stress

if(dep {
tot_stress = sur + (dep)*gama[1];
else if(dep > thik[1])
{ int i=1;
tot_height2 = tot_height;
tot_height = tot_height + thik[i];

if(dep > tot_height )
goto label1;

for(int j=1; j {
tot_stress += (thik[j] * gama[j]);
tot_stress += (sur + (dep-tot_height2)* gama[i] ) ;

//calculation of effective pressure at given depth
eff_stress = tot_stress - (dep * 9.81);
cout<<"\n The Effective Pressure at Depth " <



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colourful Circles in C, C++

/* Sample program to draw multiple circle*/
int gd=DETECT,gm;
initgraph(&gd,&gm,"C:\\TC\\BGI"); /* initialization of graphic mode */

for(int i=0, j=0; i<100; i++, j++)
circle(150,150,(i+10)); // Last argument is for radius
i= i+5;
closegraph(); /* Restore orignal screen mode */

return 0;
/* End of program */

Friday, January 30, 2009

Unable 2 install Windows XP: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

I got this problem in hp's 540 notebook when I was trying to install a fresh copy of Windows XP

To tranquilize this problem follow the steps given below:-

1. Enter into set up by pressing F10 key.

2. Goto -

System Configuration > Device Configuration

3. Goto- SATA Native Mode
Now u will see it is set Enable so change it to Disable.

4. Press F10 to Accept change.

5. Save and Exit. Now it should work.